Sindrea’s SEO Tactics For Small Business Owners


Implement Local SEO Tactics For Small Business Owners

If you operate a local small business that is dependent on sales from customers in your close proximity, then implementing a local SEO campaign is extremely helpful to your business.

Benefits include:

  • Increase your local brand awareness
  • Target highly qualified traffic
  • Drives more store visits
  • Less competition than organic SEO

All of these factors lead to an increase in sales and have an impact on your bottom line. Here’s a basic checklist for a successful local SEO campaign.


Your Checklist To Local SEO Success

  1. Optimize Your Website

  • Page Title Tags should:
    • Include your business name, keyword, and your city and be consistent.
    • It should not have the same title tag on every page.
    • Do not be keyword stuffed.
    • Be no longer than 60 characters.
  • Enhance/Update homepage content.
  • Have separate product and/or service pages.
  • Add a customized location page. One for each location if you have more than one.
  1. Implement Schema On Your Website

  • Add Schema Mark-Up to your website.
    • Schema code helps search engines understand more quickly what your business does and where it does it. For example, make it easy for search engines to understand that you’re a lawyer in Chicago who deals in criminal law. Chances are you’re indexed faster and show up higher in the results.
  1. Get Local Business Listings (Citations)

  • Business directories (citations) are essential to your local SEO success. Make sure your NAP – Business Name, Address, and Phone Number – are consistent on all your listings.
  • Search for citations in your industry and city, for instance join your local chamber of commerce.
  • Incorrect citations have a negative impact on your ability to rank locally. Search for any old/outdated citations, duplicates, or incorrect business listings that require updates or removal.
  1. Get Reviews!

  • Positive online reviews not only help your business establish trust and stand out from the competition, but reviews also help you connect with your clients, improve your services and build your reputation.
  • Review sites available to consumers are Yelp, Facebook, and industry specific sites like UrbanSpoon or Home Advisor.


  1. Create Local Content

  • Create local content that is relevant to your business and the city you live in.
  • For example, talk about local events you’re involved in or review local events. If you are part of a local charity, tell your customers about it, use images, and link to the charity.
  1. Find Local Link Opportunities

  • Positive local links that point to your website impacts your sites ability to rank well geographically. It may seem challenging at first, but there are many ways to acquire links.
  • Not sure where to start? Brainstorm and evaluate what you already do as a company, for example:
    • Do you have any local partnerships or business relationships?
    • Are you a member of any business communities?
    • Have you hosted an industry meet-up?


This checklist is intended to help you successfully implement a local SEO campaign for your business. This is a great starting point for any business owner looking to enhance their current online marketing strategy from a local standpoint.


If you need help implementing this checklist or need more information about SEO for your business, please reach out.


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