What Are Google Rich Results and How Do They Affect SEO?

If you’re using Google a fair amount (and most of us do), you’ve probably started noticing a real change in the search results. Where once there was a list of links, now there’s a mix of links, images, text boxes, maps … lots of information types in different forms, all taking up space on the main search results page.

If you are concerned about the SEO of your website, then you should be concerned about how the results pages of the search engine (SERPs) look – being one of those links on the first page used to be SEO’s end-all goal. But it means less if your link is pushed below several other content and information types, rather than just other links.

Therefore, everyone with a website should pay attention to what these changes mean for the visibility of your website. This was a basic overview of the main things you need to know about all the SERPs – dominating special search results.

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